"Take on the Dark Aeons!" I said.

"Complete the monster arena!" I said.

"It’ll be fun!" I said.


That’s the best part of the game!

I decided I’m going to teach myself needlepoint and hopefully how to crewel. I used to crossstich as a teen but never really put much discipline into it, I’d always get the prettiest kits not realizing it takes experience to work up to those things, then I’d get frustrated and lost interest. But I need to do something while I’m trapped here by myself before I go insane. Well, something besides J-RPGs. I can’t paint here, so I can try to paint with thread I guess. And it’s relatively cheap to do.

I ordered a beginners book off Amazon (it was 32 cents, lol) and can’t wait :3

you know, for a site that whines an awful lot about colonialism and imperialism and thinks random everyday working people should be held responsible for what rich powerful people did in the past, they sure worship and cling to and love the one family who is actually solely responsible for a good percentage of just that.